lovemefearme (lovemefearme) wrote in hp_music_videos,

Video/Remix Snarry: " You" PG-13

Title: You
Author/Artist: Lovemefearme aka FairyChild
Rating: pg-13
Categories: Romance
Warnings: None
Summary: Harry wants to make sure Severus knows how he feels. (To be honest I'm not sure what to write here, because I so suck at summaries, so if any of you come up with a better one please tell me.)
Disclaimer: I own not anything that is Harry Potter nor do I own the song by Gary Pfaff
which is: Wondering, Waiting, Watching.
Notes: This is a gift for eriador117,for all the wonderful Snarry fics and just because. Please ask her or myself before reposting this any where. Please forgive the lack of scar or the blue eyes, I had thought I changed all of them while I was making the pictures, but I got carried away on other details.

Thank you and enjoy.


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