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Drarry-Open Wounds

((If you watch it on YouTube, you can view it in High Quality...I think it's preferable myself.))

Pairing: Harry/Draco? (dunno if you'd fully call it a 'pairing,' it's nowhere near fluffy and the characters are hurting each other like crazy)
Medium: Music Video made in Windows Movie Maker (I do the best with what I have)
Song: Skillet-Open Wounds
Clips: Sorcerer's Stone through Half-Blood Prince
Rating: PG/PG-13? Matters on how you are about the Sectumsempra scene, I suppose.
Summary: This video was originally made as a bit of a Drarry vid. However, it can be interpreted several ways now that I think about it. It's definitely not a fluffy vid, that's for sure, lol.

This chronicles Draco and Harry's relationship throughout the books/movies up from SS/PS to HBP (It took a lot to get all those HBP clips, so don't complain about the quality of some :( ).

I experimented with matching the clips both with the lyrics and with the beat this time (I usually concentrate more on lyrics for serious videos and beat for humor videos) and I think this may be one of my best thus far (despite the occasional change from widescreen to fullscreen and the occasional not-as-good quality clip)

So, anyway, enjoy!

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