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Submissions for Infinitus Vidding Show Now Being Accepted

Because last year's vidding show at Azkatraz was such a success, the folks at HPEF will be hosting another special event for vidders in the Harry Potter fandom at Infinitus. The Infinitus Vidding Show will be presented during regular programming hours (July 15-18) in the convention hotel.

Rules for the Infinitus Vidding Show
1. Vids must be Harry Potter themed
2. Vids must be 1-6 minutes in length
3. Encoded using a codec in the Combined Community Codec Pack (most vids will meet this requirement)
4. Resolution must be about 720 X 480 (there might be some bending room on this but we want higher quality vids)
5. Vids shown must be under an R rating

How to Submit a Vid
Please email submissions to akemi42@gmail.com including...

1. Your vidder name
2. Vid title
3. Vid rating
4. A link to your vid using MegaUpload, SendSpace or another similar service
5. Any other comments or clarifications about your vid

Please feel free to email akemi42@gmail.com with any questions about the show. Additionally please note that you do not have to attend the conference to submit a vid. Your vid does also not have to be "new" or specially made for the conference. As long as it's Harry Potter, we wanna see it! And there's also a little promo here to get you inspired.
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