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Harry Potter Music Videos.
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Hey all! Your mod here, football_girl!

This is a community for you to share Harry Potter or Harry Potter related music videos.

Please read the rules before going any further.


1. We are all aware that the new installement of the canon world of Harry Potter, ' Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince' has been released not long ago. This community is on SPOILERS ALERT mode. Cuts for spoilers are no longer required. View at your own risk!

2. It is entirely your choice of what kind of videos you want to post, as long as they are Harry Potter related. Yes, they can be about HP actors. Yes, ANY ship whatsoever is accepted here.

3. I will not stand bashing of ANY KIND. You may not make fun of anyone or take a dump on someone's head because you don't like their work or their idea/ship. To each his own and that's that. If you bash anyone, I will bash you, and don't even start with me on hypocricy - you taste your own medicine. I will rip you apart - you've been warned.

4. Do NoT tYpE lYkE tHiSs !!!!!! It drives people crazy. I will make fun of you if you do - I am not a nice person.

5. The videos you post do not necessarily have to be yours. However, you MUST CREDIT!!! If it's made by someone, you must ask permission. If you took from a site, indicate the site. If you ramdomly found it on a dowloading programme, it is still not advisable to claim it as your own.

6. The new movie has also been released not that long ago. Since this community is on SPOILERS ALERT, you are welcome to use the footage from the new movie in your videos without disclaimers. Those are a pain in the ass to remember, no? ;)

7. I don't insist that everybody who joins contributes, but I would like it if people who join this community actually POSTED from time to time.

8. No off-topic posts. If you're posting but don't have a video in your post, you must be either asking for help with a video, or posting about something video related.

9. All problems should be send to me, your only mod for the moment to - lil_miss_giggles_3@hotmail.com

10. And yes, this community is very slash friendly. If you don't like it, don't come here! I don't care WHY you don't like it. If I get ONE more 'you will go to hell for allowing slash' comment, I WILL go to hell holding your hand - literally. I don't care for your personal or religeous views - they simply don't matter to me. There is slash here and that's the bottom line.

11. This community does allow advertising, but I would ask you to have it HP related and not over the board. You can only advertise once - we get the point, we don't need it repeated.

I welcome affiliates!!!
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